Immersive equine-based leadership retreats designed to stimulate the intellect and animate the senses.

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 We enjoyed hosting our recent Open House at Stepping Stones Farm & Retreat Center!  Thank you for spending your afternoon with the Somoetic™ team.  Stay tuned for upcoming events and future gatherings!

We employ a unique combination of evidence-based interpersonal communication methodology and unmounted, guided equine activities to invoke new insights and deliver to you a powerful brand of embodied learning.

This is what we call the Somœtic Experience

we focus equally on the body and mind to integrate the learning in a practical and powerful way

Our Programs

Leadership Intensives

If you are considering a retreat for your team and are curious how Somœtic’s style of strength-based leadership development will impact your organization, our 1-Day Leadership Intensive is an excellent place to begin.  You’ll join leaders from a variety of industries for shared experiential instruction.

Somœtic™ Retreats

What we’ve always known instinctively, is now backed with science — spending time in nature has health benefits and is essential to our sense of wellbeing.  Every leadership retreat is custom-tailored to your organization’s specific needs and our farm is the perfect place to reconnect with your team.

Our Mission at Somœtic™ is to deliver powerful shifts in group dynamics using the latest science-based methods and expert instruction.  When you and members of your team are in synch, your organization will experience greater resilience, creativity and satisfaction.

Somatic & Noetic

Somatic refers to the body and its senses; Noetic is of the mind or intellect; in our modern culture, one is often overemphasized in favor of the other.

Our proprietary term and brand name Somœtic™ was conceived to characterize our comprehensive training method that combines invigorating classroom instruction with experiential unmounted equine education.

Somœtic™ also perfectly captures the essence of the resultant learning experience and holistic outcome for our clients.

Our Brand
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Central to your day-to-day is the communication style that directly influences your company’s culture.  Research show that culture plays a critical role in and ultimately impacts your bottom line.  When communication breaks down in any one area of your company, it affects all areas.

Somœtic™ has solutions for you.   

Why Horses

Equine assisted learning has been shown to increase sensory awareness, enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills and help you discover how to be in alignment with your group or team in the present moment.

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Our Property

Come enjoy the spaciousness and privacy of our retreat center as you and your team unplug, reconnect and discover a one-of-a-kind learning experience.


While staying at our 28-acre Stepping Stones Farm & Retreat Center, in Temple New Hampshire


Local private chefs will provide meals catered to the preferences of attendees.

Somœtic™ Experience

We offer Leadership Intensives and MUlti-Day Retreat optionS for you and your team

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