Somœtic™ Experience

A Day-in-the-Life With Our Team:

We use the Gallup Organization’s Top 5 CliftonStrengths online assessment tool to create a custom-designed program for you and your organization, both in the arena and in the classroom.

You and your team members will arrive at the retreat center with your top-5 Leadership Strengths clearly identified and used as points of reference to guide our team of instructors — and you — throughout the training sessions.

Your Synched Communications Methodology morning sessions include invigorating, science-backed classroom instruction, tailored to your team’s specific goals, and delivered in a serene, pastoral setting in The Lodge at the historic Stepping Stones Farm in Temple, NH.

The Equine Assisted Learning afternoon sessions are spent in one of the farm’s many horse arenas. You and your team will be guided through safe, unmounted exercises that naturally dovetail with content of the morning lessons, to integrate and reinforce the session.

The morning instruction prepares you and your team to enter the horse arena in the afternoon with new intellectual insights. Your work with the horses is then specifically designed to provide clear reflection as to the quality, flow and effectiveness of your team’s unique communication style, as they embody the experience and get in synch with one another.

We then guide you towards growth opportunities back at the office and – most importantly – the chance to reconnect authentically with your team.

We offer 1-Day Leadership Intensives and 2-or 3-Day Retreat options for you and your team