Why Horses?

Horses are prey animals with an instinctual social nature. Within their herds, there are clearly-defined roles, responsibilities – and leadership. This natural organizational structure provides both safety and a sense of belonging.

With heightened sensitivity towards their environment, horses quickly and accurately assess the state of mind of an individual and reflect it back through behavior and body language.

This is vital information for leaders and their teams.

Our horses will provide immediate and honest feedback as to when participants have a clear intention and when they do not, providing a mirror of what needs to change back in the office in order to achieve your organization’s goals.

Let us – and our horses –guide you and your team with real-time instruction on how to communicate more effectively.

Our Somœtic™ Experience is the only equine assisted learning program you will find that incorporates the science of human behavior and practical instruction in adaptive team building.

Certified Equine Assisted Education

Equine Experiential Learning is a gateway to profound lessons of leadership and team building for corporate work groups at any level of an organization. Through a series of carefully designed unmounted activities, the participants work in partnership with one or more horses to experience dynamic learning for increased self-awareness and effectiveness in the workplace.

Your safety while working with the horses is our top priority.

Boo Martin is a Certified Facilitator of the Stages of Growth, from the Pfeiffer & Jones 5-Stage Model, and has a long history of working with horses, understanding horse behavior and is credentialed through the Equine Experiential Education Association.

Using the Clifton Strength-Based Method to identify natural areas of growth for you and your team, interactive learning is achieved through a structured, guided process that ensures a “safe space” for each client as they work with the horses.

Feedback from the horses and reflective conversations with Boo will help you identify opportunities and encourage application of lessons from the arena when you are back in the workplace.

Please note, prior horse experience is not required; our expertise is in keeping you safe and guiding you towards new insights in the arena.

Synched Communications Methodology

This evidence-based interpersonal communication instruction method was first implemented by the US Intelligence Community to fulfill an Executive Order by former President Barrack Obama.

It is now offered for the first time in concert with an equine-centered kinesthetic learning experience for business leaders and their teams looking for the latest research in critical decision-making, adaptive teams creation and the science of rapport – otherwise known as being “in synch”.

Achieve a new level of excellence in your everyday interactions.

While serving in the FBI’s High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG), Colton Seale dedicated more than a decade of his career working with world-leading psychologists and other researchers to develop a rapport-based interview training program for government agencies.

Colton has particular insight into the importance of content and delivery of critical information and a sophisticated understanding of human behavior.

In tandem with the equine practicum, you and your team will experience the power of being in synch, as the instructions and exercises renew collaboration and strengthen relationships.